Háifoss is the 2nd highest waterfall in Iceland at 122m high. Haifoss translated means Tall Falls with ‘Granni’ waterfall next to it.

The car parking area for the falls is practically next to it, however the drive there can be a bit more challenging. From the main road take an unpaved road for about 500m before turning right onto a rougher gravel road. We stayed on this road which is full of pot holes and larger rocks for approximately 6km. From here it is just a final left turn to the last 500m section of the road to the car park for the falls.

Situated in Fossá river, which is a spring water tributary of the glacial Þjórsá river, Iceland’s longest river. While the rain held off for us, the wind was a different matter. Neither of us ventured too close to the edge of the cliffs for fear of being blown over! We took our time here and spent about an hour viewing the 2 falls and valley below. On closer inspection of the base of the falls, we found someone fishing in there! They had best beware of the ogress…

Legend has it that an ogress lived in Háifoss (which used to be called Fossárfoss before it got its name in 1912). She lived on trout, which she caught in the waterfall. Once a teenage boy travelling with friends threw a rock into the river. That night the ogress went to the tent, where the travellers were sleeping, and tried to pull the teenage boy by his legs out of the tent. But his friends tried to stop her and pulled him by his arms. After a lot of tussle the ogress let the boy go, but the boy was bedridden for a whole month.