Seltún – Krýsuvík

Another geothermal area, the area of Seltún, is only about half an hours drive from Reykjavik.

It has a boardwalk which leads through the area. It is important to stay on these paths made due to the highly active geothermal area you are in – you don’t want your shoes… or worse… to melt! The Seltún area has many bubbling mud pots, fumaroles and thermal springs – not forgetting that distinctive ‘rotten eggs’ smell, which we thought was by far the strongest here out of all the geothermal areas we visited across Iceland. The steam rises up from the soil hiding parts of the landscape which entices you in to explore further.

The result of the geothermal activity and sulphur interacting with the other minerals in the soil is a spectacular sight to behold. It almost seems to have painted it with bright hues of yellow, orange and red. It really makes you think if you have time travelled to Mars or some other planet!