A short distance from Reykjanesviti, the area known as Gunnuhver is a geothermal area full of steam vents and is home to the largest mud pool in Iceland (at 20m wide). This area is different from the other geothermal areas in Iceland, being that the groundwater is 100% seawater – with a real danger as the temperatures can reach well iver 300 degrees – so make sure you stay on the paths and pay attention to the signs displayed.

The area is named after a female ghost was laid to rest here. A woman called Gunna had lived in the area and was largely disliked, most thinking she was some sort of witch. Just before she died, she had a disagreement with the local sheriff which was left unresolved. Even so, the sheriff attended her funeral, however the next day his dead body was found beaten, covered in bruises with broken bones. Gunnas ghost was to blame and from this point, anyone who knew her and visited the peninsular either died or went mad. Locals convinced a priest to help them whose advice was to leave a loose end from a ball of twine for the ghost to grab hold of – the loose ball would then drag her to a place where she would be stuck forever. She did, and the ball rolled into the hot spring, taking the Gunnas ghost with it and trapping her there forever.