BONUS; Film Locations of Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Yes… ok, I am a little bit of a geek when it comes to this film. Think it is safe to say I do like Ben Stiller films, but I love the Icelandic scenery quite a bit more. So when on our recent trip I was able to fit in a few of the filming locations used in the film Secret Life of Walter Mitty I was made up to say the least!

Film: Nuuk Airport
Location: Hornafjörður Airport, Near Höfn
Info: If you have seen the film, Walter Mitty takes off from America and flies to Nuuk in Greenland on a jumbo jet – with just 2 people on board – sat next to each other.
Hornafjörður Airport is the airport they used. In reality, you wouldn’t be able to fly directly to Nuuk Airport on a jumbo jet as the runway is way too small and surrounded by mountains. Only much smaller planes are able to land at Nuuk.

Screenshot of the jumbo jet outside at the airport

nuuk (1).jpg
When we visited ‘Nuuk’ Airport

: Greenland bar where he finds ‘the thumb’
Location: Stykkishólmur
Info: After getting his red hire car he heads for this town in ‘Greenland’. The actual town is Stykkishólmur, where one of the shops was converted into the bar where he finds the owner of ‘the thumb’. The bar is also where Cheryl sings David Bowies Space Oddity which propels Walter to jump in the helicopter just outside the bar ‘parked’ on the road.

Screenshot of the bar

The building is actually a little gift store

: Ship pier where he runs for the bike
Location: Grundarfjörður
Info: When the boat arrives in Iceland, the stunning Kirkjufell mountain is one of the backdrops as it pulls in. Grundarfjörður is little town is where the boat docks. Once off the boat, Walter finds out the only mode of transport is a bike which is perched against the wall. He runs and beats the horny Chileans to the bike, gets on and starts to cycle away.

Screenshot of him running for the bike


Screenshot of riding the bike away

Little red building at the end of the road

Screenshot as he rides away

The area to the right is an unmanned petrol station. Sorry for the poor pic but its the only one I have!

: Looking down to the town Sean O’Connell plane is leaving
Location: Road 93 to Seyðisfjörður
Info: Firstly, this road is incredible. The scenery is stunning and is full of vistas that make you want to stop at every turn. After hitting the ‘summit’ of the road you head back down the other side towards the town of Seyðisfjörður. About half way down is where Walter looks down at the town before he starts the awesome longboard scene. This is also the road he longboards down. A short way down he passes a waterfall (called Gufufoss)

Screenshot of the view from the film

Our view

: Town after epic longboarding scene
Location: Seyðisfjörður – Hotel Aldan
Info: Have you just watched the scene again??? Yeah, I know… amazing! Anyway… when he comes to a stop he ends up outside Hotel Aldan, looking around and wondering why there isn’t a soul to be seen, right before the alarm goes off and someone shouts “erection” at him 🙂

Screenshot just before the alarm goes off

aldan (1).jpg
Beautiful setting for Hotel Aldan

: Papa Johns
Location: Geirabakarí Kaffihús, Borgarnes
Info: Again, first I have to say that if you are anywhere near Borgarnes you have to visit this place – the food is incredible! We went here twice in 2 days! Right, so after Walter has been ‘saved’ he pulls up outside ‘Papa Johns’ which is, in fact, this bakery selling mouth watering amazing produce (seriously trust me on this, I am drooling just thinking of the sandwiches and cakes we had there!) This place was kitted out to look like a Papa Johns. Walter then goes outside to take a call with Cheryl. As the call ends the text message he receives appears on the mountainside before a plane flies in front, taking us back to New York City.
What is quite cool about this place is that on the inside of the windows there are stills from the film.

inside GB.jpg
Inside the bakery on the windows

Screenshot of Papa Johns

Outside ‘Papa Johns’

Screenshot of the mountain

GB mountain.jpg
Mountain across the water from Geirabakarí Kaffihús

: Trekking Himalayas
Location: Skogafoss
Info: There were a few places that were used for the scenes where Walter goes off to find Sean in the Himalayas. We only visited one of these places, Skogafoss – in the scene from the film you see him walking in front of the waterfall with his 2 Sherpas while trekking in the Himalayas.

Screenshot of them trekking in the Himalayas

skogafoss (1).jpg
The beautiful Skogafoss
So there we go – I know total geekfest – but if you like the film and you like Iceland you probably would have liked it!