Ben Nevis

Date: July 2015
Location: Ben Nevis, Scotland
Specifics: Tourist/ Mountain Track
Our Video/ Images:

Wow… just wow. The view from start to finish was incredible.

We originally did this as part of a charity event we organised. We had just climbed Scafell Pike and planned it so that we had a rest day before attempting Ben Nevis. However, the weather decided to work against us and heavy winds and gales were being predicted. So we took the decision to travel from the Lake District to Scotland and climb Ben Nevis a day early.

Setting off after a very early breakfast, we arrived at the foot of the mountain about 1pm. We set off, mindful of the fact that we needed to be up and down before dark. The path was was easy to follow, but it was deserted and we began wondering if we were actually going the right way. Double and triple checking the map and our gps confirmed we were definitely on the right track, the weather was great, so where was everyone!?! Surely there should be many others taking advantage of the good weather. We kept going.

It was about an hour later we finally met some people, then more and more… and more!. They were all heading down the mountain! There was a stead stream of people before us and they line the way of our path ahead. It was then we realised that they would have set off early that morning, reached the summit and were heading down. Phew…