Meet the Tenderfoot!

Hey, Welcome!
Not sure how you found me but I am glad you are here. So take 10 and have a look around and see if there is anything you like! As for me, I’m just a thirty something woman, who likes to ramble (mostly to myself). A mother, wife, and just like you – trying to wing it from day to day. You see, life doesn’t come with a ‘how to’ book. Even those books and guides that claim to know everything are just 1 persons idea of how it should be done. I know people that seem to float effortlessly through life while others struggle, even with the simplest things. Neither way is correct or better than the other, we are all just trying to get from A to B in our own way. No life is perfect. No one is perfect. We all have our flaws, doubts and insecurities.

I am still trying to make my way through life. I haven’t got a clue what I am doing half the time if I’m perfectly honest, but it works for me. It didn’t help that I seemed a bit ‘different’ to most others. It was only recently that there was a name for the way I was. I N T R O V E R T. Up until this point I may have even considered that I was a bit ‘strange’ as I didn’t appear like most people. I was quite happy being alone rather than making small talk, yet if I could connect with someone I would spend hours with them talking about things that interested us.  Whereas all my peers would relish the idea of going out to parties etc, it made it super hard for me – even in a big crowd I felt alone. Then by chance this article came up on my laptop one day. With a title like ”X’ signs you are an introvert’ I was intrigued to know what it was. After connecting with so many points on there I did a bit of research and finally I didn’t feel so strange and different anymore. I felt I had finally had an answer.

The more I read the more I realised I didn’t need a reason to be the way I am, it’s just me – and that is when the final cog fell into place for me. Like most others, I’ve had some pretty crappy times which have all steered my life to this point today – hell if a mastectomy with reconstruction and loosing your daughter doesn’t make you wake up and smell the coffee then nothing will. However, it was from this point that my whole outlook on like changed.

As an introvert, I need space. Things can quickly become overwhelming and I just need to get away from it all. I normally found this space, even at a young age, being outside in nature. Something magical always happens there for me. I listen. I relax. I get lost in that moment in that time. The outdoors has been a saviour to me in more ways than one. Even home feels too busy sometimes.

Home… what exactly is that supposed to be? It’s where the heart is… or so people would have you believe. However, if it truly was then why do we feel the need to “get away from it all” and TRAVEL somewhere else? If our home was really that great, we wouldn’t need to do it!

Most people travel to escape the monotonous boredom of life; a life to work to earn money to pay for a ‘home’ that we aren’t at 80% of the day because we are at work earning the money to live there. Either that or out shopping to fill its cupboards with food, or meeting up in town with friends, or maybe even at the gym… Crazy right!? What’s even crazier is that most of the time we are at ‘home’ we aren’t even aware of it as we are asleep… in 1 room of it!

Thing is, if we think about it this way, our home couldn’t be all that great. Yes, we have those cute little shabby chic signs, photos of us and the family on the walls to make it more ‘homely’, not forgetting the bespoke artwork you had commissioned that cost you an arm and a leg. Only when you start to look at the bigger picture can you begin to realise that it all comes down to the reality that ‘home’ isn’t really a home at all. It’s a base. So do you really want to bust your balls in a job you hate so you can try to impress your friends with your 5 bedroom house, especially when there is only the 2 of you in it? I’m sure the space is nice but is it actually giving you anything? Save your effort, time and money and get out there and TRAVEL. After all travel is the only thing you buy that can make you richer as a person.

Even with all of this we are often left wishing we were travelling to somewhere else. Travel, there we have it! What are we hoping to find? Everyones idea of this is different. Not only this, but everyones idea changes and develops over time. It gets shaped by our experiences, our peers and our beliefs. I used to love a beach holiday – 2 weeks at a great resort hotel (with 5 restaurants, 3 bars, 7 swimming pools, a spa and a discotheque no less!) ‘relaxing’ on a sun lounger to come back ‘home’ with a tan that my friends would envy and brag about how great the food was and how drunk I had got at the all inclusive bar. Now the idea of that bores me high hell! Staying in 1 place, not exploring is not my idea of fun. Not only that, staying in the hotels or resort doesn’t give you an insight to the local life. Looking back I can’t believe that I have been to some amazing places, but never stepped outside the hotels front door, unless it was on a planned excursion with no deviation from what the tour operator wanted us to see.

Now, I’m not saying that my idea of travel wont change again, after all as previously said our circumstances and ideals change, but for now travel is all about exploring and actually experiencing the place I am visiting. Immersing myself in the environment. Talking to the locals and finding out things that you wont find in any guide book. Experiencing things for what they are. So if you live in where I’ll be travelling to next – please contact me with your hints and tips!

Doing this however, sometimes requires a tent and not washing for a few days – after all you wont get luxury hotel on a Kilimanjaro trek, but you will get one of the best experiences of your life. Similarly, if you are going to Las Vegas and want to experience all the razzmataz stay 1 night in the most expensive room you can afford and live on all the excess it has to offer. Embrace it all. Refuse nothing.

Life is all about balance, and your travelling experience shouldn’t be any different.

Collect memories, not things xxx